Konark Beach

Konark Beach is an intact beach with bright green water and sparkling golden sand, the wonderful beauty and grace of Konark Beach is most noticeable at dusk and dawn. An immaculate beach, where one can enjoy usual seashore activities and the tranquility of a pilgrimage site. Konark Beach is well-known for the yearly Magha Saptami Mela, during this event the followers perform a sacred bath and have a look at the rising sun. The sprawling beach at Konark is known as one of the best beaches on the eastern coast of the country. A relaxed walk by the beach side, enjoying the tender breeze is a lovely experience. Though this is a great spot for sunbathing, the presence of sturdy currents makes swimming unsafe. Panoramic views of the sunrise is the other captivating attraction of this beach.

Chandrabhaga Beach

Situated 3 kms east of Sun Temple in Konark in Orissa where the Chandrabhaga River joins the sea, Chandrabhaga Beach is one of the most beautiful and pollution free beaches of the country. Owing to its immaculately clean shores and crystal clear waters, the beach has been awarded with the Blue Flag Certification by the Foundation of Environmental Education (FEE)- which is a tag given to environmental friendly beaches which meet their stringent standards. Lined with tall trees and vast expanse of golden sands, the beach holds cultural and historical importance as well. Several cultural festivals and religious fairs are held here frequently which attract a lot of pilgrims and devotees to the beach.

Gopal Pur Beach

Melancholy and Salubrious Sea beach with blue waters and attractive back water bed in the form of cracks and sleepy lagoon covered with canopies of lush green foliage. The remnants of a vanishing British made port buildings speak the golden days of Southern Odisha from where ships were saddling to Rangoon.

Chandipur Beach

India has always been famous for the presence of several magical tourist attractions. And today in our post, we will be talking about perhaps one of the most intriguing seaside travel getaways you can ever imagine to visit in the country. Situated in Baleswar district, we are talking about the mystery beach of Odisha aka Chandipur Beach.